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How to clean the stove with a glass table?

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Seductive with its beauty and modernity, the kitchen model with glass table makes your kitchen refined and showier. With the same functionality as the most traditional types of cooking, this model is resistant to high temperatures, because in its top cover there is tempered glass. However, certain precautions on how to clean the stove with a glass table should be taken.

How to remove the grease from the glass of the stove?

To properly clean your glass tabletop kitchen, you will need:
First check and make sure the stove is completely cold and turned off
• Damp and clean cloth
• Neutral detergent
• Non-abrasive socket
• Dry and clean cloth

Use a mild loofah and neutral detergent

Never, never, under any circumstances, use the side of the abrasive sleeve (usually the green part). The material of the loofah can easily scratch the glass of your cooker, being an often irreparable damage and visible to the naked eye. The most suitable product is a neutral detergent. Incidentally, the product may be the same with which you wash your dishes.

Use a damp cloth

A soft, damp cloth should be your glass kitchen’s best friend. Therefore, before you even put the neutral detergent to work, run it slowly over the glass top to soften and remove any small dirt that has splashed or dripped into it. Try to use lint-free cloths on the glass.

Do not rub your stove with a glass table

Do not rub dirt on the top of your glass. Rubbing, even with a soft sponge, can stain glass or even spread more than clean dirt. The best way is to use the detergent with the damp cloth.

Dry immediately

To keep the surface shiny and beautiful, remove any excess detergent with the damp cloth and, when finished, immediately dry the glass table. This prevents the formation of stains around the hob.