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List of kitchen utensils, which ones should you have?

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You only need to walk into a housewares store to find a multitude of kitchen items. These are cookie cutters, cake and pie molds, spatulas, skimmers … but there is always this kitchen utensil that ends up being forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. To help you select the ones that are most essential, we’ve put together a small list of kitchen utensils.

Spoons, vegetable peeler and skimmer

The spoons are used for stirring the food in the pan and also for serving. Have stainless steel spoons for serving rice and water roasts, and altilene spoons for handling pans with a non-stick bottom, as this material doesn’t spoil them. The vegetable peeler is one of the utensils you will use the most in the kitchen, because they are much more convenient for peeling vegetables than the knife, in addition to wasting less. The skimmer is used to drain fried foods prepared by immersion, such as snacks and pastries, and also to remove foods cooked in water from the pan.

Knives, whisk and spatula

Knives are the most important part of the kitchen. The chef’s knife is the largest and most versatile and can be used to cut vegetables to meats. Serrated knives are great for cutting bread, tomatoes and cakes. The paring knife is the smallest of all, used for small cuts of fruits and vegetables. The whisk is the hand mixer, essential to have in the kitchen even if you have a blender. Preparations that need to have a homogeneous texture, such as creams and sauces, are best if mixed with the whisk instead of the spoon. The utensil is also good for whipping egg whites and whipped cream. The spatula is ideal for scraping pots and bowls, thus avoiding waste. It is also good for stirring preparations.