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Types of cookers: what are they?

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A fundamental part of a kitchen, the stove is perhaps one of the most necessary and widely used appliances. For those who live alone or for a large family, the product can still be responsible for composing the decoration of the environment. However, when purchasing a model, you should take into account the types of stove, in addition to understanding which model will meet your needs.

Built-in cooker

If you are planning to plan your kitchen furniture, then the built-in stove may be the best option. All this because the stove model must be attached to a piece of furniture. In addition, the slide-in range generally offers the same features as the floor-standing range, but without the legs.

Electric cooker

One of the main advantages of the electric cooker over other types of cooker is that it heats food faster. Generally, the models available on the market do not have an oven which is installed separately. The kitchen, in this case, should also be planned, as it will need to have adequate space for the installation of the oven.

Table cooker

This cooker model is a bit simpler than a hob, but it also doesn’t have an oven. The model is usually installed on the sink counter and is very suitable for small families, as it usually has a maximum of 4 outlets. In addition, the practicality of the model also allows you to take it for trips or small events, since it is light and easy to install.

Industrial oven

If you have a culinary business, a country house for family members, or even a restaurant, the industrial cooker is the best choice. In addition to taking up more space than the models above, the industrial cooker has a greater capacity to cook large portions. The model also does not have an oven, in general. With so many possibilities, as you have already noticed, the cookers come in different sizes and options for food and characteristics.